Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA

Emergency Preparedness @ Rosa Parks

The Rosa Parks PTSA provides funding each year for our emergency preparedness program.  This program ensures we have necessary supplies and rations should we require them in an emergency.
Such supplies include a wide range of items in all the important Eprep categories: food+ water, light, communications, warmth, first aid, shelter, sanitation, and tools.

The PTSA also works closely with the school administration to be ready in case of any emergency giving our support and knowledge to the school.

This 2019-2020 year the Rosa Parks PTSA is putting together a Eprep Fair for a second year, it will take place on November 7th from 6-8, more info to come soon!

By joining the PTSA your contributions help us to keep these supplies current and assure that our kids are provided for until we can pick them up. 

For any questions or comments, please contact Luna Egido at

Make sure you can be reached in an emergency

Control how the school and district contact you for emergencies, attendance calls, food service balance notifications and other communications through Skylert. If preferences are not changed through Skylert, LWSD will use the phone numbers, email addresses and text-capable numbers the district has on file to contact you using standard notification protocols.  For instructions on how to complete the Skylert process click here.

The FlashAlert system distributes emergency messages such as breaking news, weather closure information, early dismissal and news releases from LWSD and other organizations. To sign up:

    • Go to net
    • Click on Seattle on State Map
    • click on King County Schools
    • Click on Lake Washington School District
    • Enter email(s) to subscribe to the free service

District-Wide Student Release Procedures
In a disaster, school is the safest place for students until they are with their parents.  Student release procedures were created with your child’s safety in mind.

  • Remember to listen to communications from the District office.
    • Your child will only be released to an authorized emergency contact; photo ID is required.  Students cannot self-dismiss (walk home by themselves) and shouldn’t leave until their parents or emergency contact sign them out.  The release procedures can take time, please remain patient.
    • Reduce traffic congestion – carpool or walk if you can. 

Winter Weather Safety Tips

  • Stay home and avoid traveling during the storm
  • Be cautious when walking under trees, near roofs, eaves and awnings
  • Safely clear debris from storm water drains to help avoid flooding from snow melt
  • Clear sidewalks and watch for black ice on walkways and in parking lots
  • Never use a generator, charcoal or gas grill indoors to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning


Parents can visit for more information on preparing for the winter weather.

Kids can visit to learn more about how to stay safe from the extreme cold weather. 

LWSD school closures & late start policy:

LWSD snow / bad weather bus routes: 

City of Redmond’s snow and ice response routes:


What are the School Plans?

Follow this link to find out what is the school Emergency Preparedness Plan


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